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Animal Energy Balancing

Reiki For Your Pet

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Animals by nature, are very sensitive to sound and the energy around them. They have deep senses of when danger is near and also, when it is safe. When they are feeling out of sorts, they may not always display their symptoms because they must not represent themselves as prey. However, when they feel like they are in a safe zone, they will offer themselves for methods to relax and restore. We see it in the wild, when lions sun bathe and rhinos roll in the mud. Our pets are no different. They will come to us when we are most calm, whether reading a book, meditating, or sleeping and will add themselves to the serene scenario for replenishment. Like humans, the pet's energy of cells can become misaligned with stress and injury. They too require the balancing of their energy field to feel more relaxed which helps to accelerate their body's own natural method to feel better. Animals are very open to receiving energy and it can be extremely helpful to many of them.

Reiki can be given in person or by long-distance. Tanya's approach is that less is more and watching the pet's reaction guides her on the length of each session and when to give more and when to back off. Every pet is different and each session of Reiki, may also look different and provides varying results each time.

If you have specific questions about your pet and if Reiki is beneficial, please contact Tanya to discuss.

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