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Patience & Trust

By nature, I am a personality of enthusiasm and drive. I feel a fire within my soul to always be moving forward and reaching the next goal I've set for myself. I am also an Aries and play true to the definition of natural leader, creative thinker, stubborn and impatient. In fact, the Aries never stops and their motto is "Achieve and go onto achieve again." (The New Astrology by Suzanne White). There is greatness in this ability to continue to forge through the thickness of life and create a bounty for yourself. Yet, there is a disadvantage as well. For this kind of skill set appreciates momentum. Momentum that keeps going. However, in the grand scale of life, our planet and the Universe, it doesn't work that way. There is always flow and sometimes it rides along on cruise control, other times, its full speed ahead and then you turn the bend and there is a traffic jam and you're stopped still. It's times like those when choosing to settle the fire within and wait patiently, will serve you best.

It is like planting a seed for a Magnolia tree. You plant the seed, cover it with dirt and darkness, add water for nourishment, hope the sun shines on it and wait for it to sprout through the earth. Then you wait for it to grow some height and sprout some branches which then takes time to grow some leaves. During all this waiting, you are expecting there to be sunshine for it to grow and also rain. And it doesn't end there, the best part of a Magnolia tree is it's flower! You have to wait through 3 seasons to see this magnificent flower sprout through the branch, complete it's bud and then bloom into this glorious being. Finally, you take true gratification enjoying what was a very long journey to admire that spectacular beauty. After a few days, it begins to shrivel up and the process begins again.

Within this entire flow, there are ebbs and waves to it. It is quite magical but it is something that we cannot control. We have no leadership over this timing and no matter how creative we can be, we cannot speed up the growth of the blossom. It takes a lot of patience to come to the full cycle of growth where the blossom is basking in the sunshine. It also takes so much trust that from the point of planting the seed, the actual flower WILL ascend and bloom. And remember, that takes 3 seasons of hibernation, sowing and growth until you reach the harvest. The ironic thing about this, is that trust and faith of the final outcome, IS the coping mechanism for the imPATIENCE of the idle time. Isn't that the most bizarre life skill ever??? The two very things that most people resist are patience and trust, yet they have a tight and seamless tango together to get us to our final performance of glory.

When the skies get cloudy and the thunder begins to rumble and the lightening fluoresces the sky with it's powerful energy and nothing seems to being happening but a lot of darkness, rest assured that this is all apart of the process of growth. We need these dreary moments, these drought periods of time to build resilience and strength to get to the finish line. We need to harness the patience within, and KNOW that what we have set forth in our beliefs will come to fruition. It may not be on our own timing and most usually isn't, but it will come with faith that we are always guided towards our best life each and every day. So when you feel like giving up and throwing in the towel, just know that, the Universe does have your back and that things ARE happening.

Like a blade of grass that grows each week, we can't see the growth actually happening in real time, but it is and so are you. When you have a road block or the sun stops shining, just remember to settle in with patience, like you would with a good book. Know that trusting the process of life is your answer to how things seem to be slowly moving. For they ARE moving, just not in your time frame. Progress is happening, it really truly is. Just relax, take some deep breaths and know that in due time, you will reach your summit and you will be that much more developed in being patient and trusting for the next round that life brings your way. Be in the moment, enjoy the process and celebrate the victory.

And so it is.

(Photo was taken by Tanya Butson of her yearling Magnolia tree and it's first bud in the summer of 2019)


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