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Tanya Butson

Being all that she is ...

Tanya's passion for the mind, body and soul connection commenced in her youth.  At an early age, she was aware that there was something really special with taking in the beauty around her.  She was often found nestled in a field of long grass catching caterpillars and grasshoppers.  And to this day, her best moments are captured in nature under the hot sun and blue skies, still curious of Mother Earth's creatures, big and small.  She is a huge animal advocate and has dedicated the past 25+ years, nursing animals back to health as a Registered Veterinary Technician. 

Tanya began her journey of self-awareness and care, back in the early 1990's when she achieved all 3 levels of Therapeutic Touch and also became a certified Doula.  She began a small business from her home in London, Ontario and saw regular TT clients and volunteered for 5 years at Hospice London, offering energy healing to those in pallilative care.  After she had her 2 daughters, Tanya committed her time and energy to raising her young as a stay-at-home Mom and kept up with her TT as well.  She also had successful Avon and Creative Memories businesses as she reared her kids. 

Her knowledge of spiritual information was kindled early in her childhood right up to the present.  With submerging herself in books, videos, seminars and courses, she has eagerly kept up with all the current information and experts' opinions.  She successfully completed her Reiki Master level in 2019.  Energy healing has been a paramount tool used throughout her own life for stress-relief and mindfulness.  Also in 2019, Tanya became certified as a Heal Your Life Coach and Workshop Facilitator, studying intensely,  the work and philosophy of Louise Hay.  She will continue to educate herself in the field of quantum physics, self-care, Law of Attraction and spirituality as she continues to awaken by healing her life.

Tanya walks her talk and delves deeply into her own inner child work, mirror work, and forgiveness on a daily basis.  She believes that vulnerability is an authentic way to heal from the past, be present in the moment and grow stronger for the future.  Tanya has committed herself as an entrepreneur growing her business and she can be found hanging out with her daughters, writing, photographing nature, enjoying music or meditating in the great outdoors.  She also receives great joy in working with teens and young adults who are eager to heal their past traumas and begin creating the life of their dreams!  

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