love YOU at OM

When choosing the name for my business, I wanted something unique, trendy and very meaningful.

The first letters of the name, if you didn’t notice, spell “OM”. This really was by chance. “OM” represents the whole Universe and union of mind, body and spirit. It’s often chanted during meditation.

“Organically” is the trendy part and means growing, in connection with living matter, relating to organs of the body and refers to a healthy, simple and natural state. It totally makes sense for what OM offers.

“Metta” is a new word for most. The meaning of this word captures everything I strive for as a human, that all living beings deserve kindness and love. Simply, it is about friendliness and goodwill to others.

The mission of my business is to help a person naturally grow at their own pace, healing their mind, body and spirit in a safe and kind way, by learning to love themselves. My techniques are gentle, simple, easy to implement, and effective.

And so, Organically Metta was born!

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